Racism Didn’t Disappear, But Nations Did Disappear

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There are no nations left and maybe nations  never truly existed.
All what we have left is just racism.

Detroit riot race
PHOTO: Detroit race riot 1967 source – blackpast.org

Race has never been science’s term or scientifically proven one. In fact if development in sciences  change anything is that now we only have more evidence why  “Race” original meaning can’t be true. There is no biological or social differences in people only because of their skin color.

However we, people, media and social sciences still use the term “racism”. Only to determine that there are people who believes in race or discriminates someone .  For same reason exist description  of race crime in the law even when such thing as race doesn’t exist.

Race and racism is only social constructed term and behavior.  Something that started with slavery in order to make slavery justifiable.  Authority needed to create theory about differences so that people feel alright to distinguish themselves from slaves. To believe in their nature to be ruled by someone more supreme. To believe in some kind of biological hierarchy.

Later race theory and racism continue to serve the authority in the same way. It helped to keep black people isolated in their ghettos. Because of this believe that they by the nature would be willing to do crime or be more dangerous isolation could exist.

What such racism and isolation can lead to  was the best described by Richard Wright in his novel “Native son”.

Modern racism – hate of  any different people

Because race theory and racism originally started for black people therefore ” race struggle” and “black struggle” were synonyms for long time. Black people gained more rights with development of society and can feel equal in today western societies.

However racism didn’t disappear in western societies. And I’m talking not about that we can still find discrimination of black people. Yes original meaning of racism still exist, but racism himself  evolved to a new different form that still takes in large scale all society.

Now we can  and must consider as racism  a simple hate to anyone because of their differences. No matter what those differences are.

If we look back to birth of race theory and racism – back to slavery or Luther King times- then that’s what race and racism was all about in the beginning. Not about different color of the skin but just about being different.  Color of the skin just made it easier to separate someone from majority.

When color of the skin is not enough then cultural differences can serve as the reason to separate someone. When someone can’t find cultural differences then they can form racism over social differences.

That makes a modern-day paradox – racism can exist inside  one nation and between same skin color, nationality or same ethnicity people.  You are racist every time when you are trying to construct new social class that has to be distinguished from majority.

You even are racist if you are doing such assumptions that all poor people are poor because they are lazy by nature and therefore we don’t need to care about them.

You are racist every time when you start to believe and apply some non-existent biological hierarchy in our society.

Nation and nationality – fiction that exist only in our imagination.

Not only race and racism are social constructed things. Nation is too.

The grounds on which we have built a notion of nation and sovereignty were our own imagination.  In reality we do not live in one big nation. We do not see, know or ever hear from majority of members.  Hardly any even the smallest nations can expect to have a community with face to face contacts.

Non nation could have real sovereignty and Independence.  None will be completely free state. They will always be influenced and rule by factors that were invented and developed outside of their borders. Either that is a religion or just a political/economic theories.

We do not live in one union. We have hundreds walls that separates as from each other. We have vertical comradeship that allows us to think that we are better than others. And thousands more reasons not to want to engage with fellow members.

Nationalism exist to invent nation. Like racism it tries to reverse imagination into reality. That’s the mission of patriotism – to keep this imagination of nation alive and inject it into people before they even can object it.

So why then  we humans fall for this trap  of nation and nationalism?  Simply  because we need identity. And belonging to a nation gives us identity. A simple blood heritage, achievement that doesn’t require any effort.

Modern times once again changes the game. People migrate and move more than ever before. The notion of nationality and territory relation disappears. Sometimes people are surrounded more with people from different nations than with same nations. That shows that it is possible to feel identity with cosmopolitan approach. And how all nationalism and nation idea were built on fragile foundation. Idea that fitted good in the past but not anymore.

In this perspective European Union makes bigger sense. And to call yourself European citizen. Cause borders are on paper and policies. It has no nature state inside us –  people.

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    Read a novel by Avon Acker called (Rom and the promised land). A book written by a southern conservative gentleman, about a black hero. This should be required reading for all high school and college aged kids. avonacker.com

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