10 Biggest Barack Obama Administration Violations Of Human Rights

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Re-inauguration doesn't wash Barack Obama's sins that he did during
 his first term.

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Sadly but most of his supporters won’t know or even consider Obama’s administration violations on  human rights or civil liberties.  Even today when Obama have  sworn for the second term most people  send congratulations to him and expressed some kind of victory on twitter . There is no discussion about surveillance or drones. The same as there were no such discussion during presidential campaigning.

However that doesn’t mean that we should go by the stream and focus only on economics and guns controls as mass media wants.  Therefore I wanted to summarize the biggest human rights violations that Obama’s administration did in their first term.

And there is no excuse for him. Barack Obama  extended some of the worst Bush’s policies or started new and much bigger violations on rights and liberties.  He had a choice not to do that, he was completely aware of situation, but still he did put his sign on those orders and bills.  So he’s responsible with no excuse.


And I’m talking not about supporting  Mexican war drugs and  Muslim brotherhood. I’m talking about his  direct actions:

  • Signing ACTA. The same agreement that European Union withdraw after European Court confirmed that agreement violated fundamental human rights. The same agreement that motivated thousands of people to protests across Europe on fear that agreement would violate Internet freedom. Obama administration took a lot credit for opposing SOPA. And then Barack Obama with no hesitation signs ACTA. Agreement that many internet activist called another SOPA. And  some  critics  argued that ACTA  violated  USA constitution.   more on this story press this link
  • Deportation of Immigrants. Barack Obama has deported 1.4 million undocumented immigrants in his first term, 1.5 times faster than his predecessor, President George W. Bush. Yes he helped young undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation, but one good act does not erase bad act. However democrats did a big job to advertise themselves and Barack Obama as the biggest immigrants’ friend. For obvious reason – immigrants votes.  Reality is much more contradiction with even immigrant protesters against Obama at Democratic National Convention. Yes, that really happened.   more on this story press this link and this link
  • Obama targeted assassinations can kill USA citizens. Obama in practice rewrote  war laws  about civilians fighting against American soldiers in occupied territories. They become much more strict and that leaded to first child soldier prosecuted as a war criminal in modern history. That finally leaded to a double standards when USA intelligences can kill USA citizens and not consider that as war crime. Especially outside USA where “capture is not feasible”. If some civilians is killed in a way it’s totally acceptable.   more on this story press this link
  • Jailing journalists.  Barack Obama pressured Yemen’s leader to jail the reporter who exposed U.S. drone strikes. Abdulelah Haider Shaye is one brave independent thinking Yemen journalist.  When USA announced that they drones bombed AL Qaeda base in Majala Abdulelah Haider Shaye traveled there to see it by himself. He took photos with evidence that USA lied and that they actually bombed they own bombs and killed several civilians. Later papers that Wikileaks released confirmed that.   Not so long after this bombing Abdulelah Haider Shaye was arrested and his lawyer believe that Obama administration order to do this.  more on this story press this link 
  • War on whistle-blowers. Not only Bradley Manning, but some other whistle-blowers are threatened by aggressive Obama administration attitude towards them. In President Obama’s 26 months in office, civilian and military prosecutors have charged five people in cases involving leaking information, more than all previous presidents combined,” reports the Times.  And that despite the fact that they have relieved some very  serious crimes or errors that  USA officials were doing. more on this story press this link 
  • National Defense Authorization Act. This bill that Obama signed allows
    USA military to capture USA citizens and foreigners abroad or inside USA and detain them without any trial. All in the name of war on  Terror. Experts agreed that this law gives government truly frightening powers, not to mention complete violation of civil liberties. This could allow future presidents to throw American citizens into prison for life without charges or  trial. more on this story press this link
  • Patriot act. It was probably  the most contradiction bill that George Bush made. Now long time after 9/11 Barack Obama signed a four-year extension of this act.  He did that despite the big criticism of act that was raised before deadline.  Patriot act who gives government powers to search records and conduct roving wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists for many is seen as abuse of privacy rights. Gave too much power to government without enough judicial and congressional oversight to expose law-abiding citizens to government scrutiny.  more on this story press this link
  • Warrantless Spying . Like there wouldn’t be enough of government terror on citizens privacy here comes something more. It  started before Obama and was very controversial with many different electronic surveillance spying on citizens. The problem is that Obama promised to stop it when he ran for president. But when Obama started his presidency his administration enormously  increased the number of electronic surveillance. It’s like taking a piss on voters.   more on this story press this links   and this link   and this link
  • Kill list.  So every Tuesday Obama has counterterrorism meeting with security officials who shows him a kill list. Names of people who Obama needs to order to kill. And he gives those orders. And with no trail, no court they will be killed. Obama gives those orders despite that some of them are under age, almost children. Despite that he knows that killing them will include  killing  innocent families or American citizens who just travels or lives with them, near them. As it already happened. Despite  even the  fact that process how those names appears on the list is very doubtful, without complete guarantee if they really are terrorists.  The joke was that when the C.I.A. sees “three guys doing jumping jacks,” the agency thinks it is a terrorist training camp, said one senior official.  more on this story press this link and this link
  • Drones. Probably the most arrogant, immoral, blind, heartless, cold, disgraceful violation of international relations and human rights that can be.  After Obama gives orders to kill suspects from kill list military drones airstrikes takes action. They bomb everything on location where suspects maybe live, no matter if innocent civilians might die or if local authorities oppose such actions. Obama administration count them as terrorist too, every single military age male becomes a terrorist. If  women or children dies then Obama administration count them as  danger to America too, because why else they would live in this territory ? USA Drones strikes takes places in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. Independent researches counted that approximately about 3000 people were killed. Barack Obama liked it so much that he admitted plans to raise amount of drone strikes in his second term. George Bush dealt with terrorist suspects differently. He would ordered military to capture them, then take to Guantanamo bay detention camp, maybe torture them and keep with no trail. But that caused a lot criticism and controversy. So Obama chose much more practical way – kill them immediately with no hesitation and without worrying about civilians that will always die due to imperfect drone technology.  And nobody cares that even 600 suspects in Guantanamo were proven to be  innocent. When they will be dead they will stay as terrorist forever. Practical president .
    more on this story press this link and this link and this link

So now an obvious question  – why is that happening? Why there is no strong opposition to all this actions? And here we need a criticism  not from Republicans or libertarians who would oppose Barack Obama anyway. If we want to stop violations on civil liberties we need that democrats and they supporters would wake up and raise they voices. So why they don’t do that or not in such big measure? The most simple answer would be that they lack information about it. That would have the most simple solutions – just spread the information.

But that isn’t the truth answer, the truth is that most of Barack Obama supporters know about his sins but choose  to close their eyes or play unbelievable ignorant blame game that everything is Bush’s and Republicans’ fault.

During last presidential election many Obama voters knew about his hard policies but still chose to vote for him, because according to them Mitt Romney would be even  worst on civil liberties. That was ridiculous  tactic, because 1) there were more than two choices in election 2) voting based on  fear is never good.

However, Barack Obama  managed to create this unique situation when he keeps his supporters and avoids criticism on  war crimes. He’s good job on public relations  during 2008 still pays dividends.  It’s enough for him to make promises on defending some civil liberties inside USA and that would keep his good guy image, and satisfied supporters will ignore all his hard lines. Nevertheless most of those violations happens overseas and people intend to care less about overseas action than about domestic issues.

Such situation gives him freedom to make much bigger violations on civil liberties and human rights than Bush’s administration could done.

And that really scares me.

Also look on – http://www.alternet.org/story/155045/how_obama_became_a_civil_libertarian%27s_nightmare

Watch how Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama’s Policies:

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  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy | Setty's notebook | October 21, 2014
  1. Bob Dingnagian says:

    Good for you! Too bad this thinking wasn’t more fashionable and popular before the election. DHS, TSA, VIPR… every screw that Bush drove into Freedom, Obama is tightening. NDAA, ACTA… screws that even Bush didn’t dare to drive, Obama drove even before getting a second term.

    Imagine what Hitler and Stalin could have done if they’d had high-quality TV that sang their praises to a population that voluntarily, happily, EAGERLY watched it most of their waking, non-working hours. Just because it’s kinder, gentler, softern than Nazi Germany or the USSR doesn’t mean it isn’t Totalitarianism. People who say it can’t happen here in the USA never are able to give a plausible reason why not. Schools barely manage to teach reading, much less history.

    Those who don’t know history get a diploma anyway — then they repeat the worst of history in real life.

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